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After-School Program

Olympic View Elementary

Hall of Fame Team Camp After-School Enrichment Classes offer exciting, after-school options that provide local school communities with quality care and exciting classes both kids and caregivers love! Kids get ACTIVE and engaged with Hall of Fame Team Camp’s varied programming filled with games, classes and activities.

Enrichment hours

Class Day & Time:
2:40 – 3:40pm on Thursdays


We offer multiple Sessions per school year, with a variety of class options, from Robotics to Art Classes to Flag Football, and much more.


Get prepared in advance! You must have a parent account, before enrolling in any program. Be sure to create an account and camper profiles, plus fill out all required/necessary forms.

Pricing & Registration


October 2nd

Registration Opens

Buy a Class for


per class, detailed in current session flyers.

We offer a great variety of classes for you to choose from. Pick a class that your child will enjoy and sign up!

Listed price is for the entire session. View the current session flyer for schedule and pricing.

  • There is no after-school enrichment classes on non-school days.

  • Not all activities will be offered for all ages in every session.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, all ages are welcome to join any class. Kids will be divided into appropriate age groups daily.

  • Pricing by class type varies, as detailed in the current session offerings.
    Note: Partner-led classes are typically sold at a higher price than HOFTC-led classes.

Get Ready For



Session Dates:

October 19th to December 14th

Non-School Days:

November 23rd

Registration DETAILs

Registration opens:

Monday, Oct 2nd at 4pm

Registration closes:

October 13th


Session FlYer

OVE Session Thumb.png

  Ready to Sign Up?  

After-school registration process is as follows:

  1. Review session flyer.

  2. Decide on Class (select a back up!) and review pricing.

  3. Head to or click below to enroll.

Class Descriptions

Classes vary by session.

Be sure to view the official Session Flyer for current lineup and pricing!

Arts with Nature

PARTNER: CraftLab Seattle  We will use nature as our inspiration this fall term - think plants, animals, the seasons, and bugs. Each week we will focus on a new nature item to inspire our creativity and make fun and creative crafts to take home and enjoy. 

Boom-whackers with Eric 

These fun instruments allow the kids to be active and energetic while learning to read music, understand pitch, gain rhythm skills. and allow older students a chance to "level up" to more advanced levels while remaining a part of the ensemble. The short of it - Boomwhackers harness the power of play to teach music in a fun way! Note: open to select kindergartners

Chess Club

PARTNER: ChessMates  Join the chess club! Learn tactics and strategies of chess, solve chess puzzles, and play the game with your friends! Knowledge of chess moves recommended. 

CirCus Arts

All students thrive and have access to choose from learning how to unicycle, balance on the walking globe, stilts, juggling equipment of all kinds. Unicycle coaches are embedded into the class to help with mentorship and setting up learners for success. All students are asked to set goals for each session to help ensure purpose and growth in more than one area of the skill options. Note: open to select 1st graders 


PARTNER: Stone Soup Theater  Let it Go and sing-a-long with your favorite Disney friends, Anna Elsa. and Olaf! Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Snow Queen", this is the story of a fearless princess who sets out to find her estranged sister under very difficult circumstances. Your kids will have a great time singing, dancing, and finding new ways to tell this beloved story. (Class ends with a short performance). 

Magic: The Gathering with Eric

The most popular trading card game in the world! Appropriate for both beginner and advanced players this class will improve reading comprehension, mental math and strategic decision making. Students will receive a card kingdom battle deck as well as additional booster packs as the course progresses. All class materials will be taken home by students after each session. Note: open to 3rd graders with playing experience 

Maker Mania

PARTNER: Seattle ReCreative  Get crafty with Seattle ReCreative! Using recycled materials. we will make art. think creatively. and problem solve. Each week will feature a different material and activity to inspire your child's imagination. From popsicle sticks to bottle caps, from fabric to cardboard, the creative possibilities are endless! We will be using low-heat glue guns in this class. 


PARTNER: Kong Academy  Get ready for an adventurous journey in Social Awareness. Relationships, and Responsible Decision-Making Skills. The Kong Academy program empowers kids physically. socially. and emotionally through: play. games. and parkour-based movement. Join us as your kids unlock their social superpowers through fitness­focused games and movement-based adventures. They'll dive into a world of teamwork. navigating challenges that foster social awareness and build positive relationships. 

Pokemon Trainers League

PARTNER: Math N' Stuff  Pokemon is a card game in which two players take on the role of Pokemon trainers, attempting to outwit and outplay each other using different Pokemon creatures and tactics in the arena. This after-school Pokemon class teaches the basic rules of the Pokemon Trading Card Gamel Our young Pokemon trainers will get their own trainer decks to duel their friends. They will add new cards to their decks as they learn deeper strategies and the spirit of the game. 

Song & Sound

PARTNER: Attuned Music  No matter your age or experience, the art of song and sound-making is a fun and fulfilling skill that you can use throughout your whole life. Join us as we explore the endless possibilities of SOUND. In this class we will develop our musical ear. learn to play music together with our friends, dance, play. experiment with new and unique percussion and string instruments. and ultimately create and record our own piece of music as a team. 

Vocal Performance

PARTNER: Attuned Music Lessons  Sing out. superstar! In this class. students will learn important skills for singing including breathing techniques. vowel exercises. using your head voice and chest voice, and jumping intervals. We will learn by playing a number of fun. engaging vocal exercise games and practicing ear training. In addition to encouragement of proper technique, students will be inspired to step outside of their comfort zones and use their voices with confidence! Finally. students will work with their instructor and each other to select songs that they will perform in a special showcase for friends and family on the final day of class. 

Our Partners

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 Scholarships are available

Full and partial scholarships are available. To be considered for a scholarship for After-School Programs please contact Sara

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