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The safety of your kids is our top priority. Here's what we're doing to make sure you can send your kids to us with peace of mind. We are:


  1. Continuing to following federal, state and local health official guidelines, as well as follow the American Camp Association (ACA), local medical professionals, and more to make sure we have the safest measures in place.

  2. Updating policies and practices as conditions and guidelines change.

  3. Masks and vaccines *may* be required summer of 2022, so we encourage you to stay informed.

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We take COVID safety seriously. In the summers of 2020 and 2021, we required masks to be worn properly throughout the day; we checked every camper's temperature upon arrival every day; we developed games that allowed for better social distancing and came up with our system of having every camper sit in a socially-distanced hula hoop while eating or drinking; we provided hand sanitizer and stopped giving high-fives; we ensured that sick campers (or those who had sick family members) did not come to camp; and of course, camp was conducted entirely outside. 

Through the first 2 summers of the pandemic, we did not have a single instance of COVID-19 spreading among campers. 

Leading up to summer 2022, we are continuing to collect and monitor information from many resources:  Federal, State and Local public health officials, the American Camp Association (ACA), local doctors and medical professionals, and more. We use this input to guide us in determining our policies and practices, and we will be updating our policies and practices as conditions and guidelines change. 

We hope that the pandemic will be winding down by summer 2022 and that camp can return to "normal." However, we know how to protect our campers, and we will continue to implement the same safety precautions if necessary.


We believe it is possible that we will require vaccines to attend Hall of Fame Team Camp in the summer of 2022. We strongly encourage all potential campers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 ASAP.

For Current Updates on how we're following Local Governmental Regulations concerning coronavirus connect with us on our Facebook page and Instagram account (@hofteamcamp)!

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