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We want to hear from you!

Hall of Fame Team Camp always wants to hear from great candidates!

We hire engaged and active staff to help organize, referee, lead, and participate in games, sports, tournaments, and activities for children.

Our main objective is for every camper to have fun, and we know that children have fun when they feel safe and respected. To that end, our counselors are able to learn the names of each child quickly, and treat each of them with respect, kindness, and positivity. We talk about, reinforce, and demonstrate positive behaviors and good sportsmanship. We consistently enforce rules in a positive way. We introduce ourselves to parents and communicate with them regularly.


We are looking for an enthusiastic and action-oriented Site Manager for 6 weeks this summer. The job involves overseeing sports-oriented day camps in North Seattle for 40 hours (or a little more) each week. The Site Manager will manage set-up and break down; oversee, encourage, and mentor a staff of 15 young adults; keep the schedule on track; communicate with parents before, during, and after camp; help administer first aid for bumps, bruises and bee stings; collaborate to handle behavioral issues; coordinate field trips; and adapt to meet the ever-changing daily needs and demands of camp as they arise. If you can do all of this while maintaining a safe, fun, and enriching environment for campers, families, and staff, we want you!


We're looking for a strong leader and great communicator who is energetic, outgoing, flexible, and who loves sports and kids. Strong candidates will have directly comparable experience, such as being a current or former PE teacher, classroom teacher, or coach, or having been involved at the managerial level with a summer camp. Bachelor's degree required. Ability to lift up to 60 pounds and repeatedly climb into and out of a box truck / step van.

Camps run for 6 weeks from July 8- August 16. If you're interested, please contact Kevin LeMoine at: or 206-465-4604.

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if you are interested in working in our after-school program or as a SUMMER CAMP counselor in 2025... it's never too early to get in touch

2024 Summer Camp CounselorS:

We are seeking counselors for the weeks of July 8th through Aug 2nd.  Especially the weeks of July 8th and July 15th!!

Candidates will be at least 16 years old and have relevant experience supervising and leading groups of children. It is very important that counselors are able to jump right in, show initiative and leadership with a strong voice, catch on quickly to new games, and actively problem-solve. If you already know how to lead social games like Poison Dart Frog, Mafia, and Rhythm Master, we especially want to hear from you!


We expect a lot from our counselors. Working at Hall of Fame Team Camp’s summer camps is exhausting. You’ll be helping unload the van and set up camp every morning or break down camp and re-load the van every afternoon. You’ll be on your feet in the heat for the majority of the day, setting up games, wrangling your group of kids, shouting, running, pitching, playing. You’ll also become fast friends with some of the best co-workers you’ll ever meet, stay in great physical shape, meet tons of families who will want to hire you as a babysitter, and laugh – a lot.

$100 bonus* for being CPR / First Aid Certified (we'll also pay for your CPR class!).


*Paid on your last summer paycheck.

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Games & Activities

Some of our most popular activities that you will lead are:

• 6-Square-In-The-Air •

• Gaga Ball •

• Castleball•

• Whiffleball World Series •

• Tic-Tac-Toe relays •

• Pictionary relays•


• Ultimate Handball •

•various Soccer games•

We pay a great wage

$19.97/hr for counselors who are still in high school;

$20.97/hr for counselors who have graduated high school;

$21.97/hr for counselors who have some college+

 4-week block commitment

Counselor candidates must commit to working at least one 4-week block in the summer. All personal days and vacations must be scheduled outside of these dates.


There will be a couple of weekend days of training in June.

*Hiring priority will be given to those who can attend the training AND work in late August.

Apply Today!

Interested? Contact Us!

We love meeting great candidates. Reach out and let us know why you think you'd be a great fit! (or via email at: 

We will contact qualified candidates to discuss opportunities.

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