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Camp Details

What kind of activities will my child engage in? Your child will play everything from traditional sports to newly-created active games to "backyard" activities to wacky relays to whatever the creative counselors come up with! Also, as teams and community are such a big part of Hall of Fame Team Camp, team-building activities will be integral as well.

Skill Building as Play:  At camp, not only are we recreating old-school, screen-free summer days, but your kids are also working on the following essential life skills while having tons of fun with friends in the sun!

•  team building  •  sportsmanship  •  leadership  •  confidence building  

Games We Play

Types of Games we Play

We have a large variety of games in the mix to keep kids engaged and having fun while working on the core values of HOF (team building, sportsmanship, friendship, & leadership):

  • Soccer

  • Flag Football

  • Whiffleball

  • ​Kickball

  • Basketball

  • Handball

  • Pickleball

  • Gaga Ball

  • Castleball

  • 9-Square-in-the-Air

  • Secret Agent Tag

  • Fire in the Forest

  • Laser Tag

  • Net Dodgeball

  • Ninja Course

  • 4 Team Capture the Flag

  • Frisbee Kan Jam

  • Frisbee Bottle Bash

  • Cornhole

  • Water rockets

  • Water blaster fight

  • Water balloon toss

  • Splash Tower!

  • Choosing a Team Name

  • Making a Team Banner

  • Board Games

  • Card Trading

  • Yoga

  4 Team Capture The FlaG  

HOF_daily popsicles_gallery.jpeg

  Daily Popsicles  

HOF_Splash Tower_gallery.jpeg

  Splash Tower  

HOF_hula hoops_gallery.jpeg

  Hula Hoop Challenge  

  Gaga Ball  


  Whiffle Ball Tourney  

HOF_noodle shield.jpeg

  FrisbeE Battle Royale  

HOF_connect four.jpeg

  Connect Four  

  Tic Tac Toe RelaY  

Daily & Weekly Schedule

Weekly CAMP Schedule

Camp is organized in two-week sessions, and we encourage campers to attend both weeks of a session. The first week is focused on building strong teams and learning the games. During the second week, the teams engage in tournaments and other competitions, we get a visit from the ice-cream truck, campers get to "spend" their Bongo Bucks at the camp store, and we have our awards ceremony for the session.​

Though we recommend registering for a whole 2-week session as described above, you MAY register for one week at a time for summer camp. The Early Bird Discount is not applicable to 1-week registrations.

*SAMPLE* Daily Schedule


Arrival Window


All Camp Rally / Warmup / Tag Game such as Fire in the Forest


Gaga Ball


Snack and Water Break








Free Play / Supervised Lunch Activities / Hall of Fame Challenges


Pinball Soccer


Rest and Water Break


Board Games


Team Handball


Pickup Window


Optional After Care - Free Time and Supervised Activities

Can't wait for Summer 2024!

 Scholarships are available

Full and partial scholarships are available. To be considered for a scholarship, contact Kevin via email. Let us know why you think your child is a good fit for Hall of Fame Team Camp AND how much assistance you need to make a session of camp possible for your family. 

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