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After-School Program FAQs

What are your Hours of Operation? Hours vary by location. Please refer to your school's flier for details on hours

How does waitlisting work? When sessions fill up, you will be given the option to join the waitlist. Your card will not be charged if you put your kids on the waitlist. When a spot opens up, we will contact families on the waitlist, starting at the top, by email to ask if they want the spot. If no, we'll remove that family from the waitlist and move on to the next family. If yes, we'll process the enrollment and the deposit will be charged. The family will receive a confirmation email.

Is HOFTC a licensed child care entity? We are not. We are an after-school enrichment provider that also offers the option of aftercare.

I don't need child care, can my child still enroll in after-school programs? Yes! Enrichment is our primary focus. We also offer aftercare in Block 2 as an extra perk for families who need it.

What day can my kindergartener begin attending HOFTC's After-school Program? Kindergarteners may begin attending during the week of September 11th. To promote consistent procedures and avoid confusion for our team, and to ease into the transition of the school year, kindergarteners will begin their HOFTC ASP schedule after SPS kindergarten has begun.

What will my child eat? Campers will be responsible for bringing their own snack and water.

Why did class prices increase? Not only are we moving from 6-8 week sessions to 8-10 week sessions, but some of our vendor partners have increased their prices by up to 15%. Additionally, we have extended the Thornton Creek day by 30 minutes.

Why is the cost the same per session even though sessions are different lengths? Class prices are determined by the average number of weeks per session. This results in consistent pricing for the entire school-year to help families plan ahead and budget.

Why are vendor classes shorter in Block 2 than in Block 0 and Block 1? In the first block of the day, learners will have their snack, as well as engage in free play on the playground to get their wiggles out prior to the start of enrichment class. The actual time in the vendor-led enrichment class space is the same in all blocks.

How do I apply for a scholarship? Simply shoot the Director of After-School Programs and email with your child's desired schedule, the percentage of scholarship you would like (we offer up to 80%), and what your child is most looking forward to in the upcoming session. Further instruction will be provided upon receipt of the email request.

Can I donate to the ASP scholarship fund? Yes please! There is an option to donate to the scholarship fund during the registration process. HOFTC will match up to $500 of parent donations per session, in addition to providing scholarships through our scholarship budget. Last year HOFTC provided over $25,000 in scholarships to after-school program's kiddos. This year, most of our vendors have also generously offered to contribute to the fund!

Are you hiring ASP instructors? Yes! We are in the process of hiring our own instructors (previously known as counselors) and are always in search of new vendor partners who offer creative programming. Please refer interested parties to the Director of After-School Programs. We will credit your account $50 for any referrals you make who we end up hiring!

I missed my registration day, can I still register? (Thornton Creek Only): Yes. Once your registration day opens, you can register on any subsequent day until registration for the session closes. Many classes will fill quickly, so if you have a specific schedule in mind, it's best to register as soon as you can.

What if I try to register before my assigned registration day? (Thornton Creek Only): Each enrollment request must be manually accepted by the Director of After-School Programs. If you place an enrollment request prior to your registration day, your request will be denied and you may have inadvertently forced a qualifying child onto the waitlist, if your request included a class with only one remaining seat. Once your enrollment request is denied, the system automatically denies you from making any further enrollment requests until a staff member manually grants you registration rights again. Registration week is an extremely busy time for our team, so there is a chance that staff will not be able to grant you privileges in time for you to register again on your registration date.

How Can I Unsubscribe from Hall of Fame Team Camp Emails? You should only opt out of "marketing" type emails. We cannot edit a parent's marketing email preferences on parents' behalf. You can opt out of receiving marketing emails from Hall of Fame Team Camp by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any marketing email you receive, or by updating your Email Preferences from the "My Account" page of your Parent Dashboard. If we mis-label promotional emails as "informational" (sometimes we do this, as it can be difficult to determine if a certain message is "informational" or "marketing!), you will not be able to opt-out/unsubscribe, in which case you may mark the message as spam. This will prevent you from receiving ANY emails from us moving forward - including potentially important emails about your camper's enrollment.

What is HOFTC's Tax I.D. Number? Our EIN is 84-3085473.

Scholarships are available

Full and partial scholarships are available. To be considered for a scholarship for After-School Programs at Hazel Wolf, contact Sara via email. 

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