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Hall of Fame Team Camp was created in 2020 by father of two, Kevin LeMoine, who wanted a different kind of summer experience for neighborhood kids; an experience focused on fun, friends, being outside, and competition grounded in good sportsmanship. With those ideas in mind, he founded Hall of Fame Team Camp in 2020 with just 5 kids (incl. his own son).

Hall of Fame Team Camp is small, local, and personal. We're not a national chain or franchise. We live in Seattle, and OUR kids attend THIS camp. HOFTC is Seattle's premier all-sport, all-activity, all-fun summer (and after-school) camp! We play everything from traditional sports to newly-created active games to "backyard" activities to wacky relays to whatever the creative counselors come up with! Teams and community are a big part of camp, team-building activities will be integral as well.

In Fall of 2022, the HOFTC Team successfully created After-School "Camp" - turning the summer camp model into a beloved after-school enrichment program. Looking ahead, in Summer of 2022, in just it's third year and with much fanfare, more than 350 different kids will get to participate!

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Our Mission

Picture an old-school, screen-free summer: a bunch of friends getting together outside, playing game after game; resting in the shade with a big glass of water, they trade a few baseball cards; in the heat of the day, water blasters appear, and everyone gets soaked and cooled down....


In this era of dual working parents; busy, scheduled kids; and ubiquitous electronics, we aim to recreate the good 'ol days for our own kids. No lectures or forced drills, no phones, tablets, or consoles. We'll provide the necessary organization, enthusiasm, equipment, and safe environment. The kids will bring the pure summer joy.

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The answer to that question, in three words is Service, Quality, and Support.

​To us, Service means going far above and beyond what other camps do:

•  We pay our counselors well and put them through a thorough training, by the end of which they know how to foster an incredible, memorable camp experience for each camper. 

•  The camp director will be available by phone before and throughout camp to answer any of your questions work through any concerns.


•  During our two-week summer camps, our counselors will get to know your child well and be there before and after camp to chat and answer any questions you might have about your child's experience and growth at camp.


•  Every day, we'll post (in our secure system, only accessible by parents of campers) a multitude of photos of your own child engaging in camp activities and socializing with friends.

​Quality means that we pay attention to the details. Camp days are well-organized (even though activities can be wacky!), and downtime is minimal. 

Your child will be constantly Supported. Hall of Fame Team Camp is not an impersonal day care. It is not a place where your child will get lost in the crowd. Your child will be noticed and known. They will be praised, cheered on, and recognized for their growth, enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and positivity.  

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