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After-School Program

Thornton Creek ELementary

Hall of Fame Team Camp After-School Enrichment Classes offer exciting, after-school options that provide local school communities with quality care and exciting classes both kids and caregivers love! Kids get ACTIVE and engaged with Hall of Fame Team Camp’s varied programming filled with games, classes and activities.

*Coming Soon to Olympic View Elementary.

Programming will begin in October 2023. Stay Tuned for details!!

Session details

Current Session:

Session 1


September 6 – November 3

Non School Days:

October 13

We offer multiple Sessions per school year, with a variety of class options!

Enrichment hours

Block 0
1:15pm - 3:00pm
Wednesdays only
Block 1
2:30pm - 4:15pm
(3:00pm - 4:15pm on WED)
Block 2
4:15pm - 5:15pm


Thornton Creek Elementary: Registration is conducted in 3 waves based on child last names. Important Rules apply! Review rules before registering.

Registration opens:

Wave 1:

Monday, August 21st at 9am: Child's last name A-H

Wave 2:

Tuesday, August 22nd at 9am: Child's last name I-P

Wave 3:

Wednesday, August 23rd at 9am: Child's last name Q-Z

Sessions Calendar

double jump rope.jpeg
HOF popsicle smiles.jpeg
Session one

September 6 – November 3

(8.5 Weeks)

Non School Days:

October 13

 Registration Opens  

August 21

Session TWO

November 6 - January 26

(9 Weeks)

Non School Days:

Nov. 10 & 20-24, Dec. 18-Jan 1 & 15

 Registration Opens  

October 9

Session Three

January 29 - April 5

(9 Weeks)

Non School Days:

Feb. 19-23

 Registration Opens  

January 8

Session Four

April 15 - June 21

(10 Weeks)

Non School Days:

May 27 & June 19

 Registration Opens  

March 18

HOF happy clap.jpeg

Session 1

Registration Opens

August 21

Pricing & Registration

Buy a Pass

Buy an "Enrichment Pass" for


for the entire Session.

 Includes all 5 days, all class times, and all partner-led classes except Art w/Nature (+50), Kids’ Carpentry (+75), Young Engineers (+125).

Good for all the weeks in one session (no session rollover)!

Buy a Class

Buy a Class for


per class, detailed in current session flyers.

We offer a great variety of classes for you to choose from. Pick a class or classes that your child will enjoy and sign up!

Listed price is for the entire session. View the current session flyer for schedule and pricing.

  • There is no after-school enrichment classes on non-school days.

  • Not all activities will be offered for all ages in every session.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, all ages are welcome to join any class. Kids will be divided into appropriate age groups daily.

  • Pricing by class type and time varies, as detailed in the current session offerings.
    Note: Partner-led classes are typically sold at a higher price than HOFTC-led classes.


Session 1

Registration* opens:

Monday, Aug 21st at 9am

*In 3 Waves based on last name!

Click to learn more.


We offer a variety of classes, from Robotics to Art Classes to Flag Football, and much more.

Multiple classes per day help support parent's childcare needs while giving kids the variety they love!

Session FLier

TCE Session Thumb.png
Upcoming Session

  Ready to Sign Up?  

After-school registration process is as follows:

  1. Review current session offerings.

  2. Understand rolling registration rules *for TCE location only.

  3. Decide on an"Enrichment Pass" or Single Class(es) (pricing above).

  4. Head to or click below to enroll.

Class descriptions

classes vary by session & program location.

Be sure to view the Current Session Flyers for current lineup and class times!

Arts & Crafts

Join our creative counselors and your friends for a new art or craft project each week! Projects will be determined by age, using various media to imagine and construct projects that tap into your creative side and sharpen fine motor skills. 

Art with Nature

We will use nature as our inspiration this fall term - think plants, animals, the seasons, and bugs. Each week we will focus on a new nature item to inspire our creativity and make fun and creative crafts to take home and enjoy. Class provided by CraftLab Seattle. 


PARTNER: Melodic Arts with Teacher Rachel  We will sing, sign, and compose music together. Singing regularly in a group promotes self-confidence, a strong peer community, an inner calm, and a sense of belonging. Students will learn to read and sing and sign solfege on the treble clef, sing in two-part harmony, and how to read sheet music. Participants will receive a choir t-shirt and there will be a concert in at the end of the session. 

Chess Club

PARTNER: Orangutan Chess  Chess Club is a community for new and experienced students to learn and play together. We will review how to setup and play a game, checkmate patterns, chess tricks and traps (tactics), and how to start a game (openings). Participants will receive a ChessKid account to have 24/7 access to chess puzzles, lessons, and games! All students who train in Chess Club will automatically become student coaches for the following school year’s Chess Club! Class provided by Cary "Coach Ray" Easterday, Owner and Instructor, Orangutan Chess Academy. 

Choose Your own adventure

In a low counselor-to-camper ratio setting (generally 1:3), campers may choose to participate in active, social, or quiet/academic time. 


  • Active: To get the extra wiggles out, counselors will lead fun, physical games catered specifically to the unique campers in attendance. 

  • Social: Campers will enjoy board, card, and other interactive games such as poison dart frog, scavenger hunts, and much more, with our awesome counselors.

  • Quiet/Academic: A quiet space is provided for campers to get a head start on homework for the night or sharpen academic skills with materials provided by Hall of Fame Team Camp and the guidance of a counselor. 

Coding Kidz

An introduction to basic coding for elementary-aged campers to learn computer science fundamentals through fun, engaging, and interactive online exercises and games. At their own place, students will complete a different “Hour of Code” activity from each week. This class will take place in the school computer lab, and students must be able to login to a school computer. Headphones recommended. 

Domino Toppling 

Learn the basics of constructing domino setups, including lines, curves, splits and spirals. Then move on to bridges, fields, and towers! During each class, we’ll use videos (from Hevesh5 and Nathan’s Dominoes, among others), books, and demonstrations to get ideas for mesmerizing tricks and physical feats. Along the way, we’ll discuss techniques for dealing with frustration and disappointment when a trick doesn’t go as planned. This class is best for kiddos who are patient and focused, and who enjoy being engaged in STEM projects.  

Flag Football 

Have fun playing flyers, sharks and minnows, and competing in live scrimmages with campers of all skill levels! This class will take place outdoors on the turf field regardless of the weather.  

Gaga Ball + HOF Games

Can’t get enough Gaga Ball? Play every week while mixing in some other summer camp favorites such as 9-Square, Castle Ball, and dodgeball games! Newcomers will learn the games and improve their skills, while seasoned players can get their competitive juices flowing.

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness

PARTNER: Seattle Dance Fitness  Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness classes (aka Hip Hop Kids) feature kid-friendly routines based on original hip hop and pop choreography. We break down the steps and add games and other activities into the class structure. Plenty of time to FREESTYLE too! Think of this class as a weekly after school DANCE PARTY! Hip Hop Kids helps to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives by making fitness fun! Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, teamwork, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, and cultural awareness. Class provided by Seattle Dance Fitness.

Jewelry Making 

With beads and best friends, campers will create their own jewelry in a relaxed environment, fostering creativity and fellowship. 

Kids' Carpentry

PARTNER: Kids' Carpentry Seattle  Kids' Carpentry is a hands-on toy building experience designed to teach kids ages practical woodworking skills with an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools. While kids construct fun and exciting projects they are also empowered to become independent thinkers- building confidence, self-esteem, and a repertoire of practical skills that will last them a lifetime. At the end of the session kids will bring home one or more wooden games or toys that they have built by hand from scratch. 

Kids Choir

PARTNER: Melodic Arts with Teacher Rachel  We will sing, play, and create music together. Singing in a group promotes confidence, community, and an inner calm. Students will learn solfege, voice control, some American Sign Language and how to read the treble clef. Participants will receive a choir t-shirt and there will be a concert in at the end of the session. 

Lego Robotics

PARTNER: Seattle Young Engineers  Explore the world of robotics from a professional engineering perspective, while learning STEM. Our class provides a real-life simulation of the complex engineering challenges that exist in the industry and encourages students to use their critical thinking and teamwork skills. This program is based on the engineering principles taught at university. Students who complete this program and are ready for the industrial world. Participants solve the challenging engineering principles through the use of LEGO® EV3 programming software which allows them to create and enter codes that move their robot. 

Lego Mania!

Let your imagination run wild with our growing collection of Legos! Each week, kids will choose one or two building challenges from our huge book of Lego ideas and also have time for their own creations.

Nail Time 

Treat yourself to a weekly manicure with the HOFTC counselors! Campers will paint, design, and decorate their own fingernails. Each class will start with a thorough handwashing and campers will each have their own personal nail kits. Paint and décor items will be shared amongst participants.  

Pokémon Club

Learn and play the Pokémon Trading Card Game! In this class, beginners will learn rules and strategies for building a Pokémon deck and enjoy basic instruction on setting up, attacking, using energy, evolving your Pokémon, and more. Seasoned players are also welcome to join, play, and share expertise in this fun and collaborative after-school club! 

Rainbow Loom 

Spend the afternoon hanging out with friends, listening to music, and learning how to make a new bracelet each week. Campers will create and unwind with Rainbow Loom rubber bands in a relaxed environment, fostering creativity and fellowship. 

Scene Study

PARTNER: Mode Music and Performing Arts  Students will analyze and act out selected scenes from books and tv series, with opportunities to create costumes, props, and set pieces for the final performance. This program teaches valuable theatre skills such as creative collaboration, memorization techniques, identifying objectives and motivations, and character development.

Song and Sound Making

PARTNER: Attuned Music Lessons  No matter your age or experience, the art of song and sound-making is a fun and fulfilling skill that you can use throughout your whole life. Join us as we explore the endless possibilities of SOUND. In this class we will develop our musical ear, learn to play music together with our friends, dance, play, experiment with new and unique percussion and string instruments, and ultimately create and record our own piece of music as a team.

World Dance

PARTNER: World Dance with Marissa  Children will experience a variety of music and dance styles that may include Guinean and other African dance, Hip Hop, Hawaiian Hula, Bhangra & Bollywood, Balinese, Brazilian, Armenian & Greek Folk, Cuban and more. Elements of Creative Dance and Movement are combined with cultural dances in each class. Stories, books, photos, videos, songs, instruments and dress-up related to the cultural dances being studied are often a part of the children's cultural experience. 

Our Partners

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HOF Partner_HHK.png
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 Scholarships are available

Full and partial scholarships are available. To be considered for a scholarship for After-School Programs please contact Sara

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