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at Hazel wolf K-8 AND Thornton Creek Elementary

Hall of Fame Team Camp After-School Enrichment program provides exciting, active, after-school classes that provide local school communities with quality activities both kids and caregivers love! Kids get ACTIVE and engaged with Hall of Fame Team Camp’s varied programming filled with exciting games, classes and activities!

Enrichment HOURS

2:15-3:30 (1:15-2:30 at TCE)

Wednesdays only

3:30-4:45 (2:30-3:45 at TCE)


4:45-5:45 (3:45-4:45 at TCE) SECOND CLASS

Pricing + Registration

Pay for one or more after-school classes, or buy an "Enrichment Pass" for access to all 5 schools days - most classes* - for the whole session!

Session Information

We offer multiple Sessions per school year, with a variety of class options.


View registration dates and current session information below!

HOFTC campers play creative games, such as Gaga Ball, 6-Square-In-The-Air, Benchball, Tchoukball, Ultimate Handball, wacky relays, nail-biting tournaments and more! Enjoy popular activities like Lego-Mania, Arts & Crafts or Pokémon Club. Partner-led classes provide additional offerings, including Art Classes, Dance Fitness, Kids' Carpentry, Chess Club, and Music Classes.

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Session 5 Registration Opens April 17


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Session one

Dates:  September 7th - October 28th
Non School Days:  October 14

 Registration Opens August 19 

Session TWO

Dates:  October 31 - December 16
Non School Days:  Nov. 11 & 21-25

 Registration Opens October 10 

Session THREE

Dates:  January 3 - March 3
Non School Days: Jan. 16 & Feb. 20-24

 Registration Opens December 5 

Session FOUR

Dates:  March 6 - May 5
Non School Days:  Apr. 10-14

 Registration opens Feb 6 (HW) 

 Registration opens Feb 13 (TCE) 

Session FIVE

Dates:  May 8 - June 30
Non School Days: May 29 & June 19

 Registration Opens April 17 

Upcoming Session Information

Session 5
Opens APRIL 17

Dates: May 3-June 30
Non School Days:  May 29 and June 19
2:15-3:30(1:15-2:30 @ TCE)
Wednesdays only
3:30-4:45(2:30- 3:45 @ tce)
4:45-5:45(3:45-4:45 @ TCE)

PRICING & Registration

Buy A Pass

Buy an "Enrichment Pass"

for $999 for the entire Session.


 Includes all 5 days, all class times, and all partner-led classes.

Good for all the weeks in one session (no session rollover)!

Buy a Class

We offer a great variety of classes for you to choose from! Pick a class or classes that your child will enjoy and sign up!

Listed price is for the entire session. View the current session flyer for schedule and pricing.

  • There is no after-school enrichment classes on non-school days.

  • Not all activities will be offered for all ages in every session.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, all ages are welcome to join any class. Kids will be divided into appropriate age groups daily.

  • Pricing by class type and time varies, as detailed in the current offerings.
    Note: Partner-led classes are typically sold at a higher price than HOFTC-led classes.

  Ready to Sign Up?  

Hazel Wolf K-8 registration process is as follows:

  1. Review current session offerings.

  2. Decide on an"Enrichment Pass" or Single Class(es) (pricing above).

  3. Head to to enroll.

Class Descriptions

Hall of Fame Team Camp

Hazel wolf K-8 and Thornton Creek Elementary Class Descriptions

Classes vary by-session. Be sure to view the Current Session Flyer for lineup and class times!

Choose Your Own Adventure

In a low counselor-to-camper ratio setting (generally 1:3), campers may choose to participate in active, social, or quiet/academic time. 


  • Active: To get the extra wiggles out, counselors will lead fun, physical games catered specifically to the unique campers in attendance. 

  • Social: Campers will enjoy board, card, and other interactive games such as poison dart frog, scavenger hunts, and much more, with our awesome counselors.

  • Quiet/Academic: A quiet space is provided for campers to get a head start on homework for the night or sharpen academic skills with materials provided by Hall of Fame Team Camp and the guidance of a counselor. 

Lego Mania!

Let your imagination run wild with our growing collection of Legos! Each week, kids will choose one or two building challenges from our huge book of Lego ideas and also have time for their own creations.

Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness

PARTNER: Seattle Dance Fitness  Hip Hop Kids Dance Fitness® classes (aka. Hip Hop Kids) feature kid-friendly routines based on original hip hop and pop choreography. We break down the steps and add games and other activities into the class structure. Plenty of time to FREESTYLE too! Think of this class as a weekly after school DANCE PARTY! Hip Hop Kids helps to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives by making fitness fun! Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, teamwork, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, and cultural awareness.

Volleyball Skills

Participate in clinic-style training with a former NCAA Division I volleyball player and coach. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of passing, setting, attacking, serving, and digging, while more seasoned players will sharpen these skills through active and fun drills! Campers will be separated by age, receiving both small group and one-on-one instruction.

Kids' Carpentry

PARTNER: Kids' Carpentry Seattle  Kids' Carpentry is a hands-on toy building experience designed to teach kids ages practical woodworking skills with an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools. While kids construct fun and exciting projects they are also empowered to become independent thinkers- building confidence, self-esteem, and a repertoire of practical skills that will last them a lifetime. At the end of the session kids will bring home one or more wooden games or toys that they have built by hand from scratch. 

Cardboard Engineering

PARTNER: Kids' Carpentry Seattle  Cardboard Engineering teaches kid basic cardboard manipulation, utilizing the MakeDo Cardboard Engineering System, to create feats of engineering. Each week the instructor will walk kids through a new and exciting project from a selection of toys, games, costumes, and decorations, all made completely from discarded cardboard. At the end of the session, kids will have a chance to design their own projects, learning about what it takes to turn ideas into objects. Class provided by Kids’ Carpentry Seattle.

Gaga Ball

Recreational  Can’t get enough Gaga Ball? Play for over an hour straight! We’ll help newcomers to the game learn the ropes and improve their skills. It’s also a fun social and physical outlet for less-competitive kids.

Competitive  This is THE class for kids who already know and love Gaga Ball, and who want to get their competitive juices flowing with weekly team and individual tournaments.

Arts and Crafts

Join our creative counselors and friends in your age group for a new art or craft project each week! Projects will be determined by age. Some projects you might do are: making friendship bracelets and lanyards, tie-dyes, collages, play-doh sculptures, drawing your own comics, making your own puppets and then writing and performing a skit with them…

Art With Heart Class

PARTNER: Art with Heart Classes   This is not your ordinary art class! In this class, your child's creativity will be ignited and their imaginations stretched, while learning and executing art skills and techniques, in a safe space where deep concepts of self-respect, emotional intelligence and acceptance will be gently discussed. During each class, a picture book with a social-emotional intelligence emphasis will be read, and the illustrations will serve as the inspiration for the art projects. We will be using a variety of art mediums, including fun mixed media projects!

Pokémon club

Learn and play the Pokémon Trading Card Game! In this class, beginners will learn rules and strategies for building a Pokémon deck and enjoy basic instruction on setting up, attacking, using energy, evolving your Pokémon, and more. Seasoned players are also welcome to join, play, and share expertise in this fun and collaborative after-school club!

Coding Kidz

PARTNER:  An introduction to basic coding for elementary-aged campers to learn computer science fundamentals through fun, engaging, and interactive online exercises and games. Students will complete a different “Hour of Code” activity from each week. In addition, they’ll have a chance to work at their own pace – both in class and at home – in's Express or Pre-Reader Express course. This class will take place in the HW computer lab. Headphones recommended.

Hall of fame games: whiffleball / ultimate handball

Calling all big kids who love to play and compete! Join Kevin after school to play some Hall of Fame Team Camp classics. Fair teams will be made, games will be refereed, scores will be kept, and good sportspersonship will be celebrated. In this session, we’ll be playing both Whiffle Ball and Ultimate Handball each Thursday!

Book Club

Join us in listening to, discussing, and celebrating a new book each session! We’ll provide copies of the book to each participant, and at each weekly meeting students will follow along as we listen to sections of the audiobook. Campers will also engage in fun book-themed activities. Each session's book will be announced on that session's Description of Classes. Participants are expected to read a few chapters of the book on their own each week. 

chess club

PARTNER: Orangutan Chess Chess Club is a community for new and experienced students to learn and play together. We will review how to setup and play a game, checkmate patterns, chess tricks and traps (tactics), and how to start a game (openings). Participants will receive a ChessKid account to have 24/7 access to chess puzzles, lessons, and games! All students who train in Chess Club will automatically become student coaches for the following school year’s Chess Club! Class provided by Cary "Coach Ray" Easterday, Owner and Instructor, Orangutan Chess Academy.


Scholarships are available

Full and partial scholarships are available. To be considered for a scholarship for After-School Programs at Hazel Wolf K8 and Thornton Creek Elementary, contact Sara via email. 

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